Bandwidth Monitoring Tools on Linux

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In this articale we are going to see some useful tools to analyze network bandwidth on Linux machine.

iftop – Displays Bandwidth Usage

iftop is a simple, easy to use, real time top-like command line based network bandwidth monitoring tool, used to get a quick overview of network activities on an interface

vnStat – A Network Traffic Monitor

VnStat is a fully-featured, command line-based program to monitor Linux network traffic and bandwidth utilization in real-time, on Linux and BSD systems.

nload – Displays Network Usage

nload is a another simple, easy to use command-line tool for monitoring network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time. It uses graphs to help you monitor inbound and outbound traffic.

NetHogs – Monitor Network Traffic Bandwidth

NetHogs is a tiny top-like, text-based tool to monitor real time network traffic bandwidth usage by each process or application running on a Linux system. It simply offers real time statistics of your network bandwidth usage on a per-process basis.

bmon – Bandwidth Monitor and Rate Estimator

bmon is a portable bandwidth monitor with multiple input methods and output modes. A set of architecture specific input modules provide the core with the listof interfaces and their counters. The core stores this counters and provides rate estimation including a history over the last 60 seconds, minutes, hours and days to the output modules which output them according to the configuration.

Darkstat – Captures Network Traffic

Captures network traffic, calculates statistics about usage, and serves reports over 

Netperf – Network Bandwidth Testing

Netperf is a measuring tool for network performance, mainly for the transmission of TCP based or UDP. Netperf depending on the application, network performance testing can be carried out with different modes, namely bulk data transfer (bulk data transfer) model and the request / response (request/reponse) model

Hope you have got some Idea about Bandwidth Monitoring Tools 🙂


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