Easy Steps to Your Shrink SQL Database Log

Hi Folks,

Today we are going see to how to Shrink your MS SQL Database log file.

This article requires the use of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. If you do not have this installed, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express is available for free from Microsoft

Now let’s see how to do it.

Before that first you have change MS SQL database recovery model to simple

  1. Log into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Right Click on your Database
  3. Then choose Properties
  4. Change the recovery model to Simple
  5. Then Click OK
  6. Once you changed recovery
  7. Right click on the database
  8. Select Tasks > Shrink > Database
  9. Click OK
  10. Now you have change the recovery model to Full. Right click on the database
  11. Select Properties
  12. Click on Options
  13. Change the recovery model to Full
  14. Click OK

Finally Restart your database service

Hope this tutorial will be helpful 🙂


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