How to Install Cloudlinux OS on Cpanel

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In this guide we are going to how to install Cloudlinux OS on cPanel.

Converting to CloudLinux

It is easy to switch server from CentOS 5.x, 6.x or 7.x to CloudLinux as it is interchangeable with CentOS. The CloudLinux OS installation process takes a few minutes and replaces a handful of RPMs

Before the conversion of your CentOS server to CloudLinux, you must have an activation key. The activation key can be either obtained by trial subscription or by purchasing subscription. Follow the steps below to receive a trial activation key.

Obtaining Activation Key

Step 1 )

Go to and register with CloudLinux  Network.

Step 2 )

You will receive an email with activation link.

Steps 3 )

Login at:

Step 4 )

Click on Get Trial Activation Key.

Install Process

After obtaining CloudLinux activation key, download the script for CloudLinux installation and execute it. Please note that you must have root level access to your server to perform the steps below.

Step 1 )

Connect to your server via SSH as root user.

Step 2 )

Download the CloudLinux installation script: cldeploy. Enter the following command on your server shell or terminal.


Step 3 )

Execute the downloaded script by running the following command. The script will install CloudLinux kernel, Apache module, PAM module, command line tools as well as LVE Manager.

sh cldeploy -k # if you have activation key


sh cldeploy -i # if you have IP based license

Step 4 )

Once the installation is complete, reboot the server by using the following command.

# reboot

Step 5)

Verify the conversion to CloudLinux. Run the following command on your server to verify the conversion to CloudLinux and you may see a similar output.

$ cat /etc/redhat-release

CloudLinux release 7.3


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