How to Install Plesk Control Panel on Cent OS

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Today we are going to see how to install Plesk control panel on Cent OS through webinterface.

Plesk Panel :

Plesk panel is one of the famous control panel for managing web-server. It provides secure server across the network. It provides more flexible and complete control on your server. Now Let’s examine how to install it on Cent OS.

How to Install Plesk : 

There are different ways to install Plesk control panel on your server that are following

  1.  Installing Plesk with a one-click installer
  2.  Installing Plesk via a command-line interface
  3.  Installing Plesk via a browser

Now we are going to see how to install it through web-interface.

Step 1> Login to your server through SSH on putty.


Step 2> Download the Plesk Installer through below command

Step 3 > Once downloaded, change permission to execute the script.

Step 4> Now run the script using below command

Step 5 > Once you executed the above command, you can able to the plesk installer through following URL https://YourServerIpAddress:8447/

It will prompt for login page of Plesk Installer

Step 6> Once logged on Plesk Installer, Click Install or Upgrade product

Step 7> Then Choose the Plesk install version and click Continue.

Step 8 > Then this message will be displayed ”

Downloading new Plesk Installer version…

Please be wait until the process complete.


Step 9> It will list available components, There you can check from the list. And then click continue to install the selected packages.

Step 10 > Once the installation completes, Please use the below URL to complete the plesk configuration process

Step 11> After choosing viewer, you can setup hosting, IP address and password for your plesk panel.

Step 12 > The final part is you have to apply the Plesk license that you purchased with the provider.

!!!! Congratulation you have successfully installed and configured plesk on your server 🙂 !!!



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