How to Install Cockpit on CentOS

Hi all,

Today we are going to see how to install cockpit tool on cent OS 7.

Cockpit is a system administration tool that provides a user interface for monitoring and administering servers through a web browser.

  • Monitoring basic system features, such as hardware, internet connection, or performance characteristics
  • Analyzing the content of the system log files
  • Configuring basic networking features, such as interfaces, network logs, packet sizes
  • Managing user accounts
  • Monitoring and configuring system services
  • Creating diagnostic reports
  • Setting kernel dump configuration
  • Configuring SELinux
  • Accessing the terminal

Now let’s see how to install it.

Step 1 )

We can install the software from the default CentOS repository using the following command.

Steps 2 )

Once you have installed Cockpit, start and enable it using the following commands.

Step 3 )

Run the following commands to allow all of the required ports through the firewall.

The installation of Cockpit is now complete, you can access the dashboard by navigating to the following URL.


Thanks for reading this tutorial, hope It will be useful 🙂




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