How to check Inode Usage on CPanel Server

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Index Node (inode) is a basic concept in Linux/Unix. Index node/number (inode) is a data structure which contain the information about a file in your server/hosting account.

In a WHM server, you can view the inode usage of your account from left side of your cPanel which is denoted by the term “File Usage”.


If the account has reached the maximum inodes allocated for your account then it’ll affect your account, website and email performance.

How to know the inodes usage?

If you have SSH access to your account the following commands will help you to understand the inode usage in your hosting account.

This command will give you the total inode count of your account. To get the detailed inode usage that is which files/folders are consuming more inode you can use the following command.

This will give the Inode usage of your current working directory. If you need to find the Inode usage of your entire hosting account, execute this command in the location /home/user.

How to reduce Inode usage

Here’re some suggestions to reduce the inode usage in your account.

  1. Remove all unnecessary files and folder fdrom your account.
  2. Remove cache files
  3. Archive your emails
  4. Other usage likeIf your account still uses large number of files you can take a look at the “Disk Usage” from cPanel.

    This will give you the information regarding the disk used by your account.




























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