Easy Steps to Install Squirrelmail on Cent OS 7

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Today we are going to see how to install SquirrelMail on Cent OS 7.

you will need to add EPEL repository into your system using the following command.

Now you can install Squirrelmail using the following command.

you can configure it by running the configuration script.

You will see following output.

Change the organisation name, logo and title according to your need. Once done, return to main menu using R command. In main menu choose option 2 for Server settings.

Change your domain name by selecting option 1.

[localhost]: yourdomain.com

Now save your setting by giving S command and finally quit using Q command.

Now you will need to install the Apache web server, so that we can access Squirrelmail using web interface. Run the following command to install Apache web server.

Run the following command to install Apache web server.

Once Apache is installed, edit the configuration file to add a new virtual host.

Save the file and start and enable Apache web server using the following commands.

Now create email users, run the following command to add a user.

Theabove command will add a new user liptan and the attribute -s /sbin/nologin will deny login using SSH. Last command will create a password for the new user.

Now you can browse Squirrelmail by going to following link into the browser.

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