Easy Steps to Install Pyxsoft on Cent OS

PYXSOFT is Anti Malware or Anti Hacker which protecting your servers, your data from the malwares

Now we are going to see how to install and configure PYXSOFT on cPanel Server

STEP 1 ) Install Pyxsoft Repository

# curl – s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/pyxsoft/stable/script.rpm.sh | sudo os=el dist=7 bash

STEP 2 ) Install on Server

# yum install pyxsoft-cpanel

STEP 3 ) Starting Services

# sudo /opt/pyxsoft/servicectl start pxscand
# sudo /opt/pyxsoft/servicectl start pyxsoft

STEP 4 ) Post Installation

# /opt/pyxsoft/post-install

STEP 5 ) Accessing Pyxsoft

Log into your WHM panel and click at to  Pyxsoft Anti Hackers link in the main menu


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