Easy Steps to Configure POSTFIX Mail Server on Cent OS

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Today we are going to see about how to configure simple POSTFIX mail server on Cent OS.

Installing Postfix

Login to your server and run the following command to update the repository and packages available in your system.

Now update the hostname of your system to the FQDN you want to use with your mail server. Run the following command to change your hostname.

Now add the hostname entry in the host files of your system. Edit /etc/hosts files using your favorite editor. For example if your are using nano then you will need to run the following command.

You will see two lines of entries in there, append your server IP address followed by hostname at the end of the file. It should look like the one shown below.

Now we can install Postfix, enter the following command to do so.

Before configuring postfix we will need to configure SSL which will be used to encrypt and secure the emails.

Now we will have to create SSL certificates. If you do not have openssl installed you can install it using the following command.

Now run the following command to create certificate and key files.

After that you have to generate CSR by providing some information and This will generate the key file and certificates and will save then in /etc/postfix/ssl directory.

Now edit postfix configuration file which can be found at /etc/postfix/main.cf, with your favorite editor.

and append these lines at the end of the file.

Now open another configuration file /etc/postfix/master.cf

and find the following lines in the configuration file.

Now add the following lines at just below these lines.

Now You have successfully installed and configured POSTFIX in your linux machine.

Next we will how to install dovecot on our upcoming tutorial. Thanks for reading our tutorial 🙂


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