How to Customize Branding and Style of cPanel Interface

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Today we are going how to customize branding and style of cPanel interface like changing company logo, webmail logo, fevicon. By default WHM and cPanel come with their own logo. But there is a option in server to customize it.

Now let’s see how to do it.

Step 1 : Login your WHM panel.

Step 2:  Once logged into your WHM panel, Type Customization on the search box.

Step 3 : After clicking Customization, You will Customization window like in the screen shot on below.

Step 4 :

a ) In company Name option, You can type your company name.

b) In Help Link option, You can give your contact page or support page URL to provide support for your customers.

c) In Documentation Link option, You can provide know some knowledge base URL for your customers.

Here you can check up my screen shot.

Step 5 : Now you have to upload your Image files for Company logo, webmail logo and Favicon.

Company and webmail logo should be in PNG format and favicon file should be in ICO format.

Step 6 : After uploading files, Click Save button to modify the branding.

Step 7 : Now just log out and login the cPanel to get reflected the changes.  Here the output looks like on below screen shot.

And you can see the webmail Interface logo also changed.

Step 8 :

And also If you click the documentation option at bottom of cPanel, you It will redirected to the link you provided in Documentation option.

Hope this post will be much helpful 🙂



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